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New self-loading graphene batteries for electric cars that triple the autonomy

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Method of obtaining and storing energy unified in the graphene battery itself, in electric cars, which are self-loading by means of mechanical pressure. Now imagine also having a smartphone, with flexible screen and also a rechargeable battery, we would no longer depend on the electrical network and chargers.

The Rise of Electric Cars Worldwide is Unstoppable! The Future of Electric...

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TOP STORIES==== Sales Of Electric Cars Have Doubled In Colorado.Can electric vehicles handle cold, Canadian winters.China drives consumers to electric cars.China now world’s largest electric vehicle market.Electric Tesla Pickups To Come After More Crossovers.Hyundai Motor to boost electric car lineup.Singapore rolls out electric car-sharing scheme.Watch the video to see all these and many more...SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/w3A8ISDon"e;t forget to...

Jay Leno"e;s Baker Electric Car

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Jay"e;s takes us for spin in his Baker Electric.My Classic Car Season 10 Episode 14. Website - http://www.myclassiccar.comFacebook - http://www.facebook.com/myclassiccarTwitter - http://www.twitter.com/myclassiccarGoogle+ - https://plus.google.com/103516592864435202958


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New batteries of solid graphene with Closoborano for electric cars.Scientists have found a solid ionic conductor that is non-toxic and thermally stable, allowing sodium to move easily between the anode and the cathode, something they have been looking for for a long time.All this was achieved with the Closoborano, (B12-H122), has some very promising properties to be an inorganic driver, eliminating the risk of fire when recharged.

5 Electric Vehicles( EVS) You Should See

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An electric vehicle (EV), also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, All-electric vehicles (EVs) run on electricity only. They are propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs.These are many cool electric vehicles including electric cars ,e bikes ,electric skate boards which are considered as cool inventions .