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TRIVIA - Electric Car

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TRIVIA is an eletric vehicle for big cities, chaotic traffic and a better life. r
Small and agile, slightly larger than a motorcycle, intended to an occupant while offering the advantages asr
porter, seating, lighting, air and shelter from rain, wind and dust.r
Equipped with electric motor on the front wheel it does not pollute the air and is extremely economical, having pedalsr
as a step machine and gears like a bicycle that provide a chance to pedal while driving,r
practicing all contributing to engine performance.r
Intended for urban people, youth and adults with affinity to technology and innovation and preoccupied with health,r
providing a chance of practicing without devote hours to exercise it. With intelligent design is TRIVIAr
more than a tricycle, it is a revolution against a sedentary lifestyle, waste of space and time of carsr
conventional convenience and comfort.r
More details www.maisinfinito.com.br


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